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Get an instant
overview of your browser history.

What is Browser Scan useful for?

Browser Scan is a handy tool to quickly check if anyone has been miss-using your web browser. It is can be used by parents or by anybody who needs to check what their computer or device has been used for. It can also be handy for making sure you haven’t left anything in your browser history that you wouldn’t want somebody else to see.

How does it work?

Browser Scan compares your web browser history with lists of websites in five categories – dating websites, gambling websites, pornographic websites, sex-hookup websites and weaponry websites. Any websites that have been visited will be highlighted in red, so that they are instantly visible. Other websites, that have not been visited, and are not stored in the browsers' history, will be grayed out.

Is Browser Scan safe to use?

Yes, Browser Scan is completely safe. This is because it doesn’t download anything and doesn’t install any software. In fact it works just like a normal website. It doesn’t save anything on your computer or device, and once you close the tab, everything is normal.

Can I trust the results?

Yes, Browser Scan only displays trustworthy and accurate results, by using mechanisms already built into your web browser to highlight visited websites. This ensures that Browser Scan will only ever highlight websites that have been visited. Furthermore, any websites that have been visited in ‘privacy’ or ‘incognito’ mode are eliminated from the scan, as this usage is considered private and is not stored in the browser history.

What else do I need to know?

Browser Scan is trivial to use – just click the scan button, and you will instantly see your results. There’s nothing else you need to do – no sign-up, registration or other inconvenience. You can even print off the results if you wish to keep a permanent record of the scan, and we provide some handy links to useful resources after you have viewed the results.

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